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Truckload Transportation Services

Truck Service Inc. offers many transportation services and is always committed to safety, service, and innovation. We operate over 100 late-model tractors and 350 dry van trailers, equipped with the latest technologies including satellite tracking, electronic logs, mobile communications, lane guidance and collision warning to ensure safety and efficiency on the road.

On top of our commitment to safety and service as a trucking company, we are also proud members of the EPA’s Smartway Transportation Partnership, committed to improving air quality and protecting the environment for future generations. As a transportation service company, we focus highly on providing the best service possible.

Truckload Services

Regional Truckload Transportation

Truck Service Inc., provides the best in dry-van, interstate transportation in our regional zones. With strategically placed terminals and yards in the Carolinas, Georgia, and Virginia our customers experience established, reliable and responsive service that is second to none. Our transportation carriers run only with the utmost efficiency.

Dedicated Contract Carriage

Dedicated contract carriage allows you to make freight trucking a part of your business. As a part of our trucking services, we will provide the trucks to run the routes you need; while we manage the operational headaches, such as maintenance, liabilities, and DOT regulations.

HAZMAT Truck Transportation

The materials you need transported may be hazardous and need special treatment. Each HAZMAT truck will be ran by our specially trained and certified HAZMAT transporters. The drivers that man the truck have experience hauling many types of hazardous materials. We only provide you with the top truck transportation services.

Areas of Service:

We regularly service, but are not limited to, the following states:

North Carolina
South Carolina
● Alabama
● Tennessee
● Virginia
● New York
● Pennsylvania
● New Jersey

Don’t see the service area you are looking for? Contact us to discuss your truckload transportation needs.


Truck Service Inc.

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